Who creates the courses?

Competencies Development Bureau partners with various prestigious educational institutions from across the globe, some of which are international intuitions with practising trainers who can share a lot of resourceful educational materials and tools with our students.

Management & Marketing
Universal Business School

International Association
of Coaching and Consulting

Export Akademie Baden



Who are our certification partners?

We believe the best way to become recognized is to certify your competence! That’s why our online courses have been approved by the world's renowned certification bodies. Competencies Development Bureau partners with various prestigious certification bodies from across the globe.

British Certification Bureau


TUV Nord



Would you like to partner with us?

Each partner will pledge to offer educational content which will first be vetted and approved by us. After which we will then offer it on our educational platform. To guarantee that our courses are of the highest standard, we’ve set a number of criteria which have to be met.If you are interested in becoming our partner, or you have inquiries or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@getcompetencies.com