Competencies Development Bureau is a platform uniting a group of prestigious educational institutions and practising instructors, who can nurture a new generation of professionals. The company was initially founded in Ukraine in 2016 by a group of consultants with over 15 years of experience in managing and organizing full-time and distant education in addition to supporting consulting projects.


What do we do?

Our ultimate goal is for the full recognition of each one of our graduates! A recognition that is not just built around a prestigious certificate, but on knowledge, vital skills and the confidence to excel in business. In order to achieve this aim, we offer to assimilate the experience of leading professional educational institutions. In partnership with them, we design training courses that entail only relevant and proven knowledge. Upon completion of this course, the participants receive a prestigious certificate and can ultimately continue their training abroad.

Accredited Online Courses
All providers have a numerous accreditation from prestigious European organizations.

Personal Certification
On completion, you'll be awarded an internationally recognized certificate

Students can get a taste of real professional life during an internship

Professional Books
We offer a wide range of content for career development in different spheres

Students Networking
If you're looking for your dream job or just don't know how to land one, networking is your answer

Offline Events
Some courses can include offline workshops or training sessions




Who creates the courses?

Together with our partners, we thoroughly develop and outline each course.
Our partners are all professionals and international experts in their respective fields.
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Study with us, and you will be able to rise above the competition and get that promotion you have been set on. Choose the first course here >