Clean Up Your Online Presence to Build Your Personal Brand

Clean Up Your Online Presence to Build Your Personal Brand

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With today’s executive job search, a strong brand always stands out in the crowd – better customer experience, raised awareness and generating more sales. Yet branding does not just apply to corporations. Did you know that 85% of hiring managers say the personal brand of a candidate affects their hiring decisions?

Therefore, your personal brand can aid you to build a reputation, establish trust, boost your career growth and open up various networking opportunities. To help you build an authentic personal brand, here are some tips to guide you.

Be Authentic

Do not pretend to be someone. Instead, make sure your efforts at developing a personal brand only offer a clear image to strangers what and whom you actually are. Ensure you know yourself and know what you believe in.

Establish Your Online Presence

One of the vital things you need to remember is to ensure you have a professional and updated LinkedIn profile. Did you know that LinkedIn is very well indexed with Google? Therefore, when an employer searches your name online, your LinkedIn profile tends to be one of the first results they would notice. Further, LinkedIn is also an excellent way to include on the projects you have worked on, interviews and papers you have written.

If you wish to have an online portfolio to highlight, we recommend that you buy your own website domain. However, if you are not able to buy your own domain, you can get one from WordPress free. They only key here is to ensure your full name is incorporated into the URL. Whatever method you take, aim to always keep it clean and professional.

Determine Your Strengths

You won’t be able to satisfy everybody, so the best way you can do is to know what you are really good at and direct your attention toward it. Perhaps, you are good at building industries from the ground up, maybe you are more interested in creating relationships with clients or perhaps you are the best individual you know in terms of social media marketing.

No matter what your strengths are, don’t forget to play them up. Be a thought leader. The perfect way to do this is to highlight your experiences and show to others what you are talking about. Concentrate on keeping your clients satisfied so that they will suggest you to others.

Make a Blog

Blogging is an amazing, and often a free way to highlight your thought leadership and creativity. If potential collaborators and clients can read about your work habits and process, they will have a clear idea of whom you are and know what describes your working approach.

As an extra bonus, you will continuously be making a fresh content and producing new SEO terms as a result. Further, you can also add your contact details so people can see and read your blog contact to employ you for some freelancing projects. However, if blogging is not your forte, you can still join the new trend of well-informed networkers and send a personal newsletter.

Establish Your Network

To establish and share your personal brand online, you need to create your personal network. You need to take advantage of the new opportunities in your area and your industry in order to meet new people. You may meet new clients, make new friends or have someone to work with if you need to get out.

Keep in mind that the point of personal branding is to have someone say over your reputation and your acquaintances and friends are the people you prefer to influence that reputation.

Participate in Social Media

In case you didn’t know yet, social media is a free and excellent way to promote your brand. Here, you can share blog posts, articles, and client-related accomplishments. You can think about how you define yourself and what you do.

You must follow people within your industry and hop into significant conversations by utilizing trending hashtags or those, which are most sought after within your industry. However, you need to ensure that everything you publish and posts on social media is a great representation of your brand.

To sum up, your personal brand is the most vital brand you will ever have to clean up and build. It has the ability to influence everything in your career. A powerful personal brand can open up doors to new opportunities. This can also build you as a leader and professional in your industry. Having a poor brand will cause individuals to keep their distance.

You will find lots of advantages of building your personal brand – lining up future work will be a lot simpler. Luckily, building a personal brand doesn’t need to be complicated. These specific tips will guide you govern your personal brand.